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PrimeWire is a well-known website created more than 8 years ago which published the biggest quantity of tv series from the whole industry of streaming sites. When it was created, the biggest competitor of PrimeWire was ProjectFreeTV and these two websites fighted eachother to be the best tv series site. It is up to you to decide which one is a better streaming site but what we can say about PrimeWire is that it hosts more than 100.000 episodes from tv shows of all time. New, old, popular or not, from all genres and countries, all the tv series can be found on this website. Every episode can be watched for free without registration in HD quality. It's important to mention that all the tv shows benefit of English subtitles where it's necessary.

PrimeWire - Better Than Other Streaming Sites

As we said in the previous paragraph, PrimeWire has a website only focused on tv shows but this thing changed recently. We've seen that the interest in tv shows decreased a lot this year because all the new episodes have been delayed and more and more people are starting to watch only movies. We are constantly updating our database of tv shows with latest releases but recently we've also added nearly 10.000 movies in HD quality so our visitors can have something good to watch while waiting for the new tv shows to be released. With the update regarding the movies, we have also made some changes on our design and we think we improved it a lot with some cool features that will make PrimeWire better than other similar streaming sites. One of the new features is the calendar section where you can see the latest episodes sorted by the release day so you can keep up to date with your favorite shows. The rest of the features are waiting for you to discover them.

PrimeWire - Legal, Safe and Easy to Watch

Many people are asking us questions in the comments section about the legality and safety of using PrimeWire. Regarding the legal part, we want to assure you that our website is completely legal. We are not hosting any video materials on our servers. All the content you are watching is provided by a non-affiliate third party website that manage to offer a lot of movies and series for free for visitors around the world. About the safety, it's clear that our only interest is to offer our users the best quality movies and tv shows so you can spread the word about this great website. We will never do any actions that might be harmful for our visitors. PrimeWire is using a secured connection and should never have the risk of viruses. We still recommend anyone to use an adblocker and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as preventive safety measures but this is not mandatory.

Watch Movies Online Free
Primewire is one of the best sites to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Without any payment or registration, you can have full access to our database of over 20000 movies and 5000 Tv series in high quality. New content, including the latest releases, requested titles, etc, is added on a daily basis. Rest assured that we never leave you thirsty for what to watch on
Your support will help us thrive! Please share the site with your friends and family. Thanks! Premium quality content and features are no longer a dream for free users. You can get thousands of movies and TV shows in HD quality with fast loading speed and no ads on boasts a huge collection of movies and TV shows from all genres and subgenres such as Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, History, Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, TV shows, Game-Show, etc. Whatever type of movies you are interested in watching, Primewire is confident to have you covered. Not only can you watch them freely in HD quality, but you can also watch them safely and smoothly with no ads. Thanks to our seamless streaming feature, you will have a hassle-free watching experience with no lagging and buffering at all.

Is It illegal to Use
You can access from any corner of the world as the site is not banned in any region. Although is not a legal site, streaming movies and TV shows on the site is not considered illegal either according to copyright attorneys. You will only get into legal troubles when you download or share pirated content.

Is safe?
Although is a new site, we provide you with outstanding content and features that normally cost you approx. 10 bucks a month on paid streaming services. The HD quality contributes to an enhanced watching experience. The ad-free feature keeps you safe from all the Internet risks such as data loss, identity theft, information leakage, corrupted networks, etc. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best user experience. We are on active mode 24/7 to make sure all of your requests/inquiries will be solved in a timely manner. If you are impressed with our feature list below, please give us a try and we are confident you will not regret it!